C. Benedetto, M.R. De Blasiis, A. Benedetto

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Pages: 87-96

A quality control of the road project is actually significant when it analyses the functional characters in relation to the different road traffic conditions. The most advanced techniques of simulation applied in Virtual Reality allows analysing for a suitable drivers’ tester either the driving conditions and the behaviours driven by the different geometric features of the road, the traffic severity, the environment and the interferences. The indexes traditionally suggested by the literature are involved in the simulation in order to quantify the planimetric development of a road-line by using an only parameter. They take indeed into consideration some significant changes of the axis geometry, but they are not suitable for expressing a judgment about the quality of the service’s proposal as they do not imply the driver’s adaptation to the different road traffic conditions. The experimentation in virtual reality allows, instead, analysing fully the driver’s behaviour.

Keywords: road safety; simulation; driving simulator; CCRs; Quality of Service; quality control of projects

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