S. Messelodi, C.M. Modena

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Pages: 51-66

A reliable estimation of the safety level of the roads is a valuable tool for detecting critical points in the road infrastructure, planning and implement countermeasures, and evaluating their impact on the traffic. A method for the computation of the accident risk is proposed, which is based on microscopic traffic data collected automatically by a video-based monitoring system, i.e. class, speed, and trajectory of each single road-user. The benefit of the proposed method is twofold: the risk level is computed without statistics on past accidents, and its computation is fully automated, therefore it does not require a manual collection of traffic data. The paper presents the definition of the proposed risk index and describes its application to a real case: the evaluation of the accident risk at an urban intersection, before and after the reorganization of its geometry. The proposed risk index, although based only on some parameters that are automatically measurable, seems to reflect the expectation of traffic experts in evaluating the impact of intervention to improve the safety of the intersection.

Keywords: road safety measurement; accident risk; traffic scene analysis; video analysis; traffic conflicts

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