M.K. Jha, C. Davis, M.-W. Kang

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Pages: 41-52

A state-of-the-art intelligent road design model is developed that has the ability to simultaneously optimize 3-dimensional highway alignments, exploit Geographic Information System (GIS) maps and databases for enhanced practical applications, and view detailed design features, including road animation and digital terrain models. We provide an overview of the integration of the highway design procedure using an AutoCAD-based package called RD 2000 with a Highway Optimization Model (HAO) developed by our research team. The initial 3-D highway alignment optimization problem with genetic algorithms was studied by our research team in 1996; since then successive enhancements to the model has been made resulting in several real-world applications. The development of the intelligent road design model enables integration of CADD and digital terrain modeling capabilities to the developed genetic algorithms and GIS-based optimization model. An example from Maryland demonstrating full potential of the model is presented. Several future enhancements to the model are also discussed.

Keywords: intelligent road design; highway alignment optimization; Genetic algorithms; GIS; CADD

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