R.W. Allen, N. Teasdale

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Pages: 3-6

This special issue reports on papers presented at a simulation user group meeting on Training the Older Driver held at Université Laval in Québec, Canada. The meeting attracted a little more than 50 attendees from 5 different countries. This special issue includes six papers covering a wide range of research topics. The first paper considers the relationship between intersection design and simulated driving performance shows the increasing role of virtual environment for testing and improving roadway design. This is a topic of utmost interest that will contribute to increasing road safety in the future. Two papers address the important issue of how dual-task demands can challenge driving performance which is an important topic for road safety considering the ever increasing number and complexity of in-vehicle devices. The association between heart rate reactivity and driving performance under dual task demands in late middle age drivers describes a sensitive measure of driving stress. Another paper takes a novel look into the use of a driving simulator to study eyewitness accuracy. Finally, a paper describes the challenge TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients find in the driving environment.

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