J-F Tessier, M. Kaszap, M. Lavallière, M. Tremblay, N. Teasdale

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Pages: 91-96

In a non-instrumented cab, STISIM Drive software normally projects the speed of the vehicle through a dashboard presented on the simulation screen. This simulated dashboard can be displayed with several graphical options. In all cases, there is a loss of information arising from the road. A solution is to integrate the speedometer into a dashboard and to disable the simulated projection. This solution increases the virtual immersion of the driver and presents speed in a more realistic way. We are proposing a simple solution based on Parallax Inc. Basic Stamp microcontroller. In addition to its low cost and simplicity, this solution allows integration of other technical elements of the driving experience (e.g., activation of turn signals, horn, etc.).

Keywords: simulator environment; odometer; microcontroller; visual immersion

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