M. Alonso, J. Plaza

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Pages: 5-14

A pre-screening testing procedure with a number of candidate Human-Machine-Interaction solutions for the concept of Safe Speed and Safe Distance was carried out in two European countries under the framework of the European Project PReVENT (PReVENTive and Active Safety Applications). In each country, two groups of about thirty persons participated in a two-phase test procedure, where a set of visual, auditory and haptic alternatives for speed information and distance warning were screened by means of applying a standard procedure. In particular, this paper addresses the evaluation performed in Spain where visual and auditory solutions were tested, presenting the methodology, results and main conclusions achieved. This research activity finally resulted in recommendations for visual and auditory feedback alternatives to build a driver support system for Safe Speed and Safe Distance within the PReVENT project.

Keywords: distance; driver support system; human-machine interaction/interface; speed

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