A.W. Stedmon, E. Brickell, M. Hancox, J. Noble, D. Rice

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Pages: 31-48

‘MotorcycleSim’ is a new development in motorcycle simulation that is being built by the University of Nottingham for research into motorcycle ergonomics and rider human factors. It is the first motorcycle simulator to incorporate ‘STI-SIM Drive’ software that allows motorcyclists to ride a full size motorcycle and interact with a virtual riding environment. The riding scenarios are projected onto a large screen in front of the rider, the motorcycle has the potential to lean in a realistic manner and the ‘STI-SIM Drive’ software provides enhanced perceptions of acceleration, braking and leaning effects. To build a simulator that was both fit for the purpose of research and provides the desired levels of fidelity associated with real world riding, a user-centred design process was adopted from the outset (based in principles of ISO:13407). MotorcycleSim provides a usable tool for high impact research. This paper presents the background to the development of the simulator from initial concepts through to the design of the rig, integration of controls with simulation software and development of different riding modes. Key factors in the design process are presented which offer a basis for the future development of motorcycle simulators.

Keywords: motorcycle simulation; user requirements; ISO:13407; STI-SIM Drive; human factors

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