Z.X. Liao, M.Z. Jin, L. Huang, P.Y. Ren

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Pages: 29-38

Tourist’s distribution is a vector in which the ith element refers to the tourist’s arrive number of the node i at a certain time in scenic. A better forecast of tourist’s distribution in real time will produce a better the scenic planning. In this paper, firstly we set up a dynamic recursion prediction model and transform its parameters estimation into optimal control problem. Secondly, time-varying based adaptive dynamic programming algorithm is designed as solution method. Thirdly, a route split method is introduced to split tourist’s sightseeing route into multi-resolution network so that the prediction results can be handled to realize the prediction of multi-resolution in real-time. Finally, Jiuzhai Valley scenic is taken to show the effectiveness of the model.

Keywords: tourists’ distribution; multi-resolution; prediction in real-time; Jiuzhai Valley

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