J. Yang, D. Dong, P. Li, S. Zhang, Z. Zhang

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Pages: 65-74

Determine the location of pedestrians and vehicles is a key factor in the collision, which is also an important basis for the division responsible for the accident. The traditional method is to use the relationship scene evidence, and then through the use of energy conservation based on a formula to determine the reasoning. This paper studies the feasibility of PC-Crash software for road traffic accident reproduction technology. On this basis, the people involved in the vehicle accident case of pedestrian collisions are studied reproduction process. Accident simulation was compared with the surveillance video of the accident. The results show that by analyzing the vehicle damage, human injuries and field evidence, the use of road traffic accident reproduction technology collide to determine the location and speed with a viable scientific. It also has an intuitive visibility and accident reconstruction, and therefore can be used for accident reconstruction and forensic needs.

Keywords: traffic accident; collision locations; accident reconstruction; pedestrian; vehicle speed

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