Y. Li, J.F. Yang, N.F. Zhang, J. Yang, W.Y. Long, H.D. Zhou, J.R. He

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Pages: 75-84

Accurate evaluation of the bus transit route network is the foundation of scientific planning and management of such a network. The present evaluation methods for the majority of bus transit route networks are characterized by subjectivity, one-sidedness, and inaccuracy. The paper, by introducing Time and Space Geography Theory and GIS-Based Analyzing Method for Spatial Temporal Behavior , proposes an evaluation method based on the time-space chain for bus trip and conducts research in terms of time, space, and travel experience. Resident trip investigation and evaluation of bus routes in Guangzhou were made to acquire total travel time, travel time in every station, dwell time, and travel experience of each station. Comparison was made between transportation in morning, common, and evening peak hours and between up route and down route. As a result, an intuitive and visual bus route evaluation was achieved. The research results, which are more specific, detailed, and targeted, conform to the actual requirement of traffic management departments.

Keywords: bus route evaluation; time-space chain model; time and space geography; visual expression; Guangzhou

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