Z.H. Ming, Q.L. Zhong, M. Zhang, S.C. Han

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Pages: 85-90

Airway capacity is an important indicator of air-traffic transportation system. And method of statistical analysis including Monte-Carlo is commonly used to calculate the airway capacity but it takes a long time to finish the calculation, which is a shortcoming of this method. According to the flight, control rules of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) airway, a fly-following model was established by introducing functions and relational expressions of aircraft flow, density and speed with the application of traffic flow theory; equation of flow-density relationship was induced based on speed-density relationship; in this way, the formula of calculating airway capacity was worked out. The airway capacity of aircrafts at terminal area was calculated and the results coincided with the reality, so a rapid analytical calculation was achieved.

Keywords: capacity of airway; performance-based navigation; follow aircraft; aircraft flow; flow-density; analytic calculating method

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