C.F. Wang, F. Zhao, S.H. Guo, H.S. Guo

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Pages: 187-192

Urban road plays an important role in solving the problem of urban traffic. Road reconstruction has good effect on traffic diversion. However, road excavation and reconstruction bring disadvantages to the surrounding ecological environment. To do research on the impact of urban road reconstruction on ecological environment, firstly we should solve the problems of the index system and evaluation criteria. By doing so, we can reduce the damage caused by road reconstruction to the surrounding natural environment as much as possible; and work hard to realize the sound and sustainable development of urban regional economy, ecological environment and social system. This paper attempts to establish evaluation index system of the ecological environment of Chinese road by using the analytic hierarchy process, expert scoring and screening method, and the evaluation index of road ecological environment. Finally this paper applies this index system into the case study of the reconstruction of Chongqing Road in Qingdao.

Keywords: urban ecological environment; road reconstruction; analytic hierarchy process; single factor fuzzy evaluation method

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