W. Xiang, X. Yan, D. Guo, Y. Liu

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Pages: 115-128

For driving simulation experiments, road scene modeling is an essential and sophisticated job, especially when it comes to creating large scale geo-specific road scenes, which consists of road networks, facilities and environments. This paper describes a rigorous modeling process based on a tile library concept in order to be efficient and accurate. The process consists of three stages: 1) surveying, 2) tile modeling and 3) tile storage. The combination of online survey data and field survey data can be used to draw an accurate graphics map. The next step is to build road models and tiles using 3D modeling software. Various tiles constitute a tile library. Finally, the tile library was used to build final road scenes for driving simulation. This paper also presents a case study which is to create a large scale geo-specific road scene in Beijing, China.

Keywords: large scale road scene; geo-specific; driving simulator; tile library

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