E. Maître

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Pages: 119-128

The redeployment of tram networks in French cities has considerably modified public spaces and the way citizens use them. Above and beyond the image that trams have of contributing to sustainable urban development, the question of safety for users in these spaces has not been studied much. This study is based on an in-depth analysis of accident cases occurring in public spaces laid out for trams in French cities. The results of this study show the influence of the configuration and organization of public spaces laid out for trams on user safety. The analysis of accident cases notably sheds light on the effects of the increased complexity of public spaces brought about by installing tram layouts, as well as the difficulties in perceiving the limits of spaces dedicated to trams. This study carried out on French cities provides a better understanding of the questions of urban integration and the safety of tram layouts.

Keywords: public spaces; tramway; road layout; users; road safety; traffic accident

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