Y.J. Qiu, L. Xiong, A. Misao

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Pages: 3-14

Expressway traffic safety facilities are facilities and equipment ensuring expressway safety. In order to improve the construction technology and quality control performance of expressway traffic safety facilities, a construction quality control method for expressway traffic safety facilities based on parametric fusion tracking control and piecewise linear regression analysis of construction schedule is proposed. In this paper, the ANSYS software was adopted for model analysis to construct a constrained parameter model for construction quality control of an expressway traffic safety facility and a nonlinear constitutive relation model for safety facility construction. The construction technical parameters about the expressway traffic safety facility were designed optimally based on the construction strength, anti-collision ability and mechanics characteristics. The adaptive parameter fusion tracking method was adopted to establish an information management structure model for construction progress management of the expressway traffic safety facility and the model covered geometric information, physical information and capital investment. The big data analysis and piecewise linear regression analysis methods were used to optimally control the construction schedule of the expressway traffic safety facility. The simulation results show that in optimization and control of construction technology of the expressway traffic safety facility, the proposed method can improve construction quality and provide relatively good optimization ability of each parameter about construction quality description and relatively high process control quality. Therefore, this method can play a good guiding role in construction quality optimization of expressway traffic safety facilities.
Keywords: expressway; traffic safety facility; construction technology; quality control

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