S.Y. Niu, J.S. Zhang, H.H. Li

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Pages: 107-116

In order to effectively prevent and control the security risk to integrated transportation networks, it is necessary to identify the key nodes of integrated transportation networks. Under the consideration of the differences of various transportation modes, the evaluation method of the node importance of integrated transportation networks was studied based on the complex network theory. According to the statistical data on development of the transportation industry in 2017, the weights of transportation modes, expressways, ordinary railways, high-speed railways, water transportation and civil aviation were 1.0, 1.03, 19.75, 0.01, and 0.21, respectively. The integrated transportation network in jing-jin-ji region was taken as an example to verify the proposed method. The results showed that the determined weight values were reasonable; they fully reflected the differences among various transportation modes and identified importance nodes were consistent with the current situation. Therefore, the proposed method is effective and feasible.
Keywords: integrated transportation; integrated transportation network; composite network; node importance; weighted node degree; weighted node betweenness

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