H.Y. Liu

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Pages: 35-42

This paper concludes the concepts of road transport operation efficiency and risk. To evaluate both, appropriate indicators are also defined at two levels according to the implications of both and factors affecting both; for example, there are 20 road transport systems with appropriate length and at similar levels, on which the k-mean cluster method is introduced to make a classification and evaluation. Lastly, we merge double-sided results. The survey shows that there are 55% of the road transport systems which have received a favorable response to their efficiency or risk; 25% are better in both sides; 20% are poor in both sides. As a focus of concern, the last part of road transport systems shall be renovated. This study will provide the clues to the efficiency and risk assessment on the road transportation systems, thereby identifying the objects required to be rebuilt to improve the efficiency but reduce the risk of road transport systems.
Keywords: classification; transport; transport of dangerous goods; security

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