D.Q. Xu

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Pages: 59-66

Driver fatigue is an important cause of traffic safety accidents in road transport. The detection and warning of the driver fatigue state can ensure the driving safety and create a safe and harmonious traffic environment. Based on the digital information processing technology, this paper detects the driver fatigue state during the road transport process from the two aspects of truck driver's behaviour characteristics and the vehicle behaviour characteristics. The research results show that after the driver's video information is processed by digital information processing, the facial image information and eye state of the driver are extract, to determine whether the driver is fatigued and issue a fatigue safety warning according to the established rules; the detection of the vehicle behavioural characteristics shows that the motion state of the driving vehicle when the driver is fatigued becomes unstable. The digital information processing technology proposed in this paper improves the accuracy, stability and environmental adaptability of driver fatigue detection. This study shall play a great role in promoting the practical use of safe driving in the future.
Keywords: driver fatigue; road transport; traffic safety; digital information processing; driver behaviour

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