J.N. Zhao, C. Li, L.P. Zhu

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Pages: 101-114

The purpose of the study is to provide certain theoretical reference for the collaborative pricing for passenger transport. Based on the influence factors of the passenger transport, the game theory and the double layers programming model was established. It explored the solving problems under the stable passenger flow and induced passenger flow conditions and did the sensitivity analysis about them. It took Wuhan-Guangzhou routine as the example to prove the feasibility of this model in the actual pricing. We compared the Wuhan-Guangzhou routine for air transport and high speed rail. It drew the following conclusions: First, by improving the efficiency of the ground operation, the time before and after the passenger journey can be reduced; Second, air - rail intermodal should be promoted from the government level.
Keywords: air transport and high speed rail; collaborative pricing; double layers programming; sensitivity analysis

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