L.P. Qu, L.J. Wang

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Pages: 115-124

The rapid development of the economy has stimulated the demand for logistics in all walks of life, especially in the chemical industry, as a fundamental part of the national industry. Due to the dangerousness characteristics of the chemical industry, the logistics of hazardous chemicals in China need to be improved through continuous studies in order to reduce the safety risks of hazardous chemicals in the road transportation process. In this context, the paper combines risk analysis theory and accident consequence analysis theory to establish a risk assessment model for hazardous chemicals in tank container road transportation mode. By introducing correction factors and growth and decline factors, the individual risks and social risk consequences were simplified. The empirical analysis verifies the scientificity, rationality and operability of this model., and the road transportation mode of tank container can effectively reduce individual risk and social risk, which has important theoretical significance.
Keywords: road transportation; multi-risk factors; a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) model; hazardous chemicals

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