L.Z. Du, J. Mi

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Pages: 125-132

Most of China's chemicals are transported to destination by accessing to long-distance roads. It is more likely to cause dangerous accidents such as leakage, explosion and fire during transportation of hazardous articles, leading to personal injuries or even casualties, the abuse of the surrounding environment and the disturbance on traffic order. Next, there are many uncertainty factors in the road transport process, which further exacerbate the transport risk. This paper aims to analyze the road transportation risk of dangerous goods and optimize the road transportation interconnectivity based on the uncertainty principle in order to make the last route finding. Here, the findings reveal that road transportation risks include some risk factors, such as hazardous article, security management, transport road, transport environment, transport vehicles and drivers. The minimum route for road transport is uncertain. Road transport for hazardous articles should identify the route using the principle of minimum risk and maximum flow. In general, the route with minimum risk and maximum flow and near the placement of rescue equipment shall be used. This paper provides a theoretical support for the finding of transport routes for hazardous articles, thereby reducing the risk of road transportation under the condition of uncertainties.
Keywords: road transport; traffic; uncertainty; transport risk; transport route

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