S. Bendak, F.A. Alsharif

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Pages: 117-126

Crossing red lights at intersections are serious violations and can lead to severe consequences. Official statistics show that Dubai experienced 46% of road traffic crashes due to red light crossing in the United Arab Emirates in 2016. With the lack of published studies on this important issue in Dubai, which is an important economic hub in the whole region, this study aims to investigate factors that contribute to red light violations in it. A retrospective quantitative research methodology was chosen where data on red light violations and subsequent crashes as well as road design characteristics that have the potential to affect red light crossing was collated and assessed for 16 four-leg lighted intersections with red light cameras in Dubai. Results show that red light violations rate in Dubai at intersections with red light cameras is, on the average, 0.63 per 10,000 vehicles which is considered low when compared to other cities worldwide. Results also show that there is a tendency for drivers to cross red lights more often at intersections with longer cycle duration, at wider intersections, on roads with higher speed limits and on weekends more than on weekdays. Based on the results, recommendations are given at the end to reduce red light crossing rate in Dubai further.
Keywords: red lights; road intersections; road traffic crashes; road design; Dubai

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