N.B. Kunsoan, D.S. Usami, L. Persia, P. Taniform

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Pages: 81-94

Road traffic crashes (RTCs) are a significant cause of injury and mortality in Cameroon. Psychological factors are considered as determinants of risky driving behaviour which relate to road crash involvement. Previous researches have studied the association between psychological determinants and risky driving behaviour focusing on some psychological factors in developed countries. Very little has been done in developing countries in this regard and specifically, no known study has assessed the relationship between psychological determinants and risky driving behaviour among bus drivers in Cameroon. This cross-sectional descriptive and analytic study was conducted on 201 bus drivers. Structured questionnaires were administered to the study participants consisting of variables on demographics, psychological determinants, risky driving behaviour, and road crash involvement. Multiple regression analysis of the data collected depicted that, psychological determinants were predictive factors of risky driving behaviour. Social norms others acceptability of unsafe driving behaviour (SNOA) and risk awareness were significant predictors of risky driving behaviour. The results from binary logistic regression analysis revealed that risky driving behaviour is a high predictor of road crash involvement among bus drivers in Cameroon. Among the behavioural factors considered, violations and sleepiness were significant predictors of road crash involvement. The findings from this study on the association of psychological determinants and risky driving behaviour as it relates to road crash involvement are relevant in the development of safety intervention programs and policies.
Keywords: road traffic crashes; risky driving behaviour; road crash involvement; psychological determinants

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