H.X. Chen, X.J. Huang, H.Li, H.B. Zhang

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Pages: 283-290

As an important node of road network, the traffic efficiency of Road intersection directly determines the traffic efficiency of road network. A large number of existing literatures mostly focus on the optimization of signal timing scheme at single intersection, while the research on coordinated timing with multiple intersections is relatively less. In order to further improve the road network capacity and alleviate road congestion. In this paper, a multi intersection coordinated timing model based on anylogic is proposed. That is: Taking the green light duration of each direction of each intersection in the road section as the variable, and the minimum average driving time in the road section as the target value, the optimization solution is carried out, and the optimal timing scheme is obtained. At the same time, taking the road section of a two intersection in Chengdu as an example, the optimization solution is carried out to obtain the optimal timing scheme. The results show that the coordinated timing scheme of multiple intersections can improve traffic efficiency and alleviate road congestion compared with the single timing scheme of each intersection.
Keywords: road intersection; signal timing; optimal solution; Anylogic

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