L. Zhou, N. He, J. Wang, F. Xue, S. Dissanayake

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Pages: 15-24

This paper proposes a traffic safety emergency project economic evaluation method based on the accident reduction coefficient. Lay the foundation for economic evaluation by analyzing the components of the traffic safety emergency project; based on this, calculate the accident reduction coefficient in the traffic safety emergency project, and modify it; combine with the constructed fuzzy evaluation model to realize the multiplicity of the traffic safety emergency project Level of economic evaluation. The experimental results show that compared with the traditional method, this method has a lower error value in the evaluation result, the lowest is 2.37, the evaluation time is always less than 2.0s, and the accuracy of the result is as high as 97%, which shows that the method has a high practical value.
Keywords: accident reduction coefficient; traffic safety; economic evaluation; fuzzy evaluation model

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