L.H. Liu, W. Wang, Q. Fan, X.D. Hua

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Pages: 45-54

Analyze the urban travel structure, explore the travel distance characteristics of various travel modes, and propose a mode split method which conforms China's urban traffic structure can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of the demand analysis of urban transport system. In this paper, the concepts of dominant transportation distance and advantage degree is put forward, and the relationship between them is analyzed. The dominant transportation distance curve model with the Nested Logit model as the core and generalized travel cost as the utility function is established. The parameters calibration method in the model is discussed, an analysis method of mode split and OD matrix based on the dominant transportation distance curve and the shortest path matrix between traffic units is proposed. Finally, the empirical study is carried out in Chengdu, and the model predicted value of each travel mode’s split rate is compared with the actual value obtained from the residents' travel survey. The calculation results show that the absolute error between the predicted value and the actual value is less than 10%, which proves that the model and analysis method established in this paper are scientific and practical.
Keywords: urban traffic; integrated transportation network; travel mode selection; dominant transportation distance; nested logit model

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