L.G. Wang

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Pages: 67-74

The characteristics of driver's visual behavior are the primary factors affecting highway traffic safety. Under different driving environments of expressways, drivers mainly rely on vision to obtain traffic information, and they show different visual behaviors and dynamic visual characteristics in different expressway driving environments. Based on the characteristics of driver's visual behavior, this paper conducts an experimental study on the visual fixation behavior and dynamic visual characteristics under different driving environments of the expressway. The research results show that under different expressway driving environments, the drivers' visual fixation behaviors vary; drivers had higher fixation frequency of the near area ahead on flat expressways than on mountain expressways; the driver's horizontal and vertical viewing angles on the expressway were concentrated in the middle area, and the distribution of the left and right areas in the two directions showed obvious asymmetry. This study provides a theoretical and experimental basis for the study of driver's visual behavior in different road traffic environments.
Keywords: driver; visual behavior; expressway; driving environment; dynamic visual characteristics

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