H. Al-Harthei, A.M. Garib, Y. Hassan, A.O. Abd El Halim

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Pages: 29-38

Vehicles traveling through signalized intersections in Abu Dhabi (UAE) experience high crash occurrence. An investigation was carried out to improve highway safety in Abu Dhabi. The research study identified the most significant factors contributing to the occurrence of road crashes at each intersection included in the study. Subsequently, this research provides a detailed signalized intersection safety evaluation algorithm. The algorithm utilizes expert opinions and employs artificial intelligence techniques to estimate a hazard index for signalized intersections. Using crash data, the algorithm is calibrated and the correlation between the algorithm results (hazard index) and crash rates in some selected signalized intersections is performed. The developed model and technique can be extended to be utilized in other regions and cities of similar environment and driving conditions.

Keywords: safety evaluation; signalized intersection; expert opinion; artificial intelligence; safety index

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