N. Sparwasser, H. Friedl, T. Krauß, R. Meisner, M. Stöbe

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Pages: 15-22

The interdisciplinary project “SimWorld” - initiated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) - aims to improve and to facilitate the generation of virtual landscapes for driving simulators. It integrates the expertise of different research institutes working in the field of car simulation and remote sensing technology. SimWorld will provide detailed virtual copies of the real world derived from air- and satelliteborne remote sensing data, using automated geo-scientific analysis techniques for more efficiency and greater realism for landscape models. The implementation of geo-databases and GIS technology within the simulator will allow for further simulation and testing of new technologies like e.g. radar-sensors, night vision systems as well as positioning systems such as GPS and Galileo.

Keywords: GIS; remote sensing; car simulation; virtual landscape

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