H.M.I. Mahmud, Q.S. Hossain, K.K. Paulmd, T. Islam

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Pages: 81-90

Road traffic accident is a great concern globally as safer transport facility is prerequisite for a sustainable transport in the future. Khulna Metropolitan city which is one of the largest cities of Bangladesh, the road traffic safety is also a great concern for a safer, effective and sustainable transport and to ensure this, it is indispensable to understand the current situation of road traffic accident of this area. This paper highlights the striking characteristic features of accident situation in Khulna Metropolitan City mainly on accident severity, location, vehicle involvement, temporal distribution, age distribution etc. In this study it has been included all the reported accidents recorded by the traffic police during the period of 2003 to 2007 and then it was analyzed and selected the hazardous intersections and mid-blocks and identification of predominant types of accidents by Definitions for Classifying Accidents (DCA) code. The analysis of accident data in this paper revealed that it should be concerned about the current scenario of road traffic accidents in this city. It will be critical for future due to the increase in demands for transportation in this area if suitable measures are not taken immediately.

Keywords: traffic accident; fatality; injury; definitions for classifying accidents (DCA)

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