X. Lu, G. Zhai

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Pages: 133-148

Logistics radius refers to the radius of a scope which all logistics activities in a very region can reach and cover. The logistics radius of a certain region is closely linked to its economic and logistics situation. From a statistical perspective, five cities’ logistics radii in China are calculated based on the freight volume and freight turnover. Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chongqing are involved in this paper. We find that Beijing and Shanghai, the two largest cities in China, have similar highway logistics radius. The highway logistics radius of Beijing and Shanghai is about 40 Km. Just cover their urban area. We discover that Shenzhen is a special city. Its railway logistics radius is even shorter than highway radius. Its railway logistics radius is about 60 Km, but its highway logistics radius is about 106 Km. This indicates that large amount of cargos in Shenzhen port are carried by cars. Its logistics radius exactly reaches Guangzhou city-the capital of Guangdong province. By studying the relationship between regional GDP and logistics radius, the result shows that a significant correlation exists. With the development of economy, the logistics radii of Chinese five cities are increasing corresponding.

Keywords: logistics radius; differential analyses; correlation analysis; regional GDP

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