S. Dou, X. Li, J. Gou

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Pages: 149-160

This paper is committed to design an urban road intersection simulation model to simulate traffic scenario and mirror the intricate traffic characteristics in the urban road intersection. In order to identify the underlying mechanism of traffic jams in the urban road intersections, traffic characteristics of urban road intersection is investigated from a global perspective and the influence degree of intersections which is affected by pedestrians and vehicles is explored by setting the probability of pedestrians and vehicles running red light in this paper. In order to achieve the above objectives, the mechanism of motor vehicle and pedestrian of urban road intersection is analyzed from the aspects of the dynamic characteristics, the static characteristic and the social features based on the previous study. And then, a cellular automaton model, which integrates the relation of vehicle speed, vehicle changing lanes, vehicle running red light, and pedestrian running red, is established on condition of local road network using MATLAB. After traffic situation is highly simulated by cellular automaton model of urban road intersection, it is found that complex traffic rules make vehicles detained in the intersection, which deteriorates the traffic conditions of intersection. Pedestrians and vehicles running red light will make the intersection get into disorder and vehicles running red light has a worse influences on the traffic situation than pedestrians do in the intersection.

Keywords: cellular automaton; urban traffic; intersection; orderliness

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