P. Zhao, S.Y. Hua, H. Zhang

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Pages: 3-12

With the development of the social economy and the emerging high-speed railway (HSR)-a new kind of transport mode with the characters of both large capacity and high speed, the travel choice behaviors of passengers have been greatly affected. Basing on the three surveys in different periods before and after the opening of high-speed railway, we compare the characteristics of passenger’s travel choice behaviors. Meanwhile, the disaggregate models of passenger travel mode before and after the opening of high-speed railway are established respectively in order to make the quantitative analysis of the influential factors. The results show that the most important factor is the cost and the source of fares while passengers consider whether to choose HSR before it opening. As time goes on, travel time and travel distance become the most important influential factors.

Keywords: high-speed railway; travel mode choice; disaggregated model; sensitivity analysis

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