S. Sun, C. Liu

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Pages: 51-60

Urban transportation is closely related to the growth of urban economy, urban function layout, and people’s life trip. However, with the development of the city, transportation problemsare becoming more and more important. The development of information technology provides traditional transportation withnew opportunities to solve the old problems using the new platform. Intelligent transportation is a new generation of transportation system that can solve the urban traffic congestion and build a comprehensive transportation system, so as to achieve the intelligent transportation infrastructure and promote the sustainable development of the transportation industry. Data information sharing is realized by using big data technology, which contributes to the establishment of a comprehensive three-dimensional traffic information system. In addition, itis also of great help to enhance the level of traffic forecast. However, there are many problems in the collection, storage, and use of intelligent transportation. Large data traffic system need to deal with a large number of non-structured data and semi-structured data. At the same time, the capacity of the data becomes bigger. The data grow faster, and the format of the data becomes more complicated. Methods and structures of traditional data storage are unable to meet the needs of the construction of intelligent transportation network. In this paper, the data storage system is redesigned to serve the construction of intelligent transportation network. Firstly, some algorithms and structures of NoSQL are optimized. Secondly, the function of NoSQL is extended, so that it can store structured data. At the end of this paper, the storage system is verified by experiments. Experiments show that the storage system proposed in this paper is feasible, and it can provide effective data storage solutions for the construction of intelligent transportation network.

Keywords: intelligent transportation; NoSQL; structured data

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