L. Teng, Z. Zhang

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Pages: 75-82

This paper presents an extension of basic vehicle routing problem (VRP) by considering load factor when implementing city logistics distribution. It is a basic extension of traditional VRP, but it fills the gap of this kind of problems considering load factor and supply a new angle to rearrange vehicle routing especially under the circumstances of increasingly serious air pollution and city traffic restrains. The optimization objective is to minimizing the total fuel cost which is dependent of the unity of driving distance and real-time vehicle total load. The proposed model is solved by simulated annealing (SA). A number of small-scale experiments are solved in the proposed model and algorithm. Computational results show that SA is a comparative proper algorithm to solving LDGVRP model. Several conclusions have been derived according to the computational results.

Keywords: vehicle routing problem; city logistics; load factor; simulated annealing

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