D.S. Chen, K. Wang, X.F. Liu

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Pages: 3-12

In order to improve the efficiency and safety of urban expressway, the macroscopic dynamic traffic flow model is extended using speed guidance control. Speed guidance as control variable was introduced into the urban expressway control system, and the macroscopic dynamic traffic flow model was established. Model predictive control is presented to calculate the optimal speed guidance under the objective function of total travel time and changes of speed guidance. Speed guidance control of urban expressway was designed and optimized. Simulation analysis is carried out in simulation platform based on the case of mutations traffic in the downstream. The results show that the speed guidance under safety constraints has a good control effect to smooth traffic flow, alleviate traffic congestion and improve traffic safety which can be applied in practice to provide a theoretical basis for active traffic management.

Keywords: urban expressway; traffic management; macroscopic dynamic traffic flow model; model predictive control; speed guidance control

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