J.F. Li, X.H. Zhao, J.H. Li, J. Rong, X.M. Liu

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Pages: 13-22

Measures of traffic organization and traffic management in school zones, key protection areas for traffic safety, have been increasingly discussed by government administrations at all levels and researchers as well. Juveniles’ trips occur frequently near school areas, especially in primary and secondary school zones. The sensitive topic of these vulnerable road users encountering traffic accidents tends to draw the whole society’s attention. In this regard, the paper analyzed different traffic characteristics of 20 primary school zones in Beijing. With the starting point of traffic safety in the area, the paper divided these school zones by type, which was then verified preliminarily reliable and proper, by means of field measurement and driving simulation test, with speed characteristics as the major basis for judgment. By doing this, the authors look forward to providing a theoretical basis for carrying out measures of traffic organization and traffic management.

Keywords: traffic engineering; school zone; type division; speed characteristics; field study; driving simulation test

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