Z.Y. Li, J.H. Li, J.F. Yang, Y. Li, J.R. He

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Pages: 53-62

The vehicle emission pollution is a major concern in the society. The electricity vehicle has been widely studied. Traditional electricity vehicle energy and emission control consider to integrate the dynamic route information to optimize the usage of energy. However, the research on transit electricity vehicle energy control is limited. Thus, the research focuses on studying the transit electricity vehicle energy consumption model, Fuel and Emission Calculator(FEC). The paper assesses the accuracy of the model for the buses in specific transit routes under different transit scenarios. The result shows that the average difference between the FEC model and the actual performance is 10.86%. After grade modification, the difference reduces from10.86% to 7.66%. The trip length also affects the FEC accuracy. A longer trip length indicates a higher model accuracy. The results also reveal that the FEC prediction performance is quite different under different operation mode.

Keywords: electricity vehicle; Fuel and Emission Calculator; transit; fuel consumption; validation

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