L. Shi, Y.P. Zhang, B. Zhao

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Pages: 63-72

With the aim to analyze the transient transformation of track circuit between the normal operation and shunt operation, this paper establishes the model of shunt operation of track circuit in the complex frequency domain, obtains the expression of current traveling wave at the receiving end in the complex frequency domain, and, on this basis, and acquires the numerical solution in the time domain by FFT& IFFT in conjunction with quotient-difference (Q-D) algorithm. Taking the steady state of circuit in normal operation and shunt operation as the state of zero moment of track circuit, the author solves the transient transformation between the normal operation and shunt operation. Finally, the EMTP model of shunt operation is established to prove the correctness of the transient analysis results. This research lays a solid theoretical basis for analyzing the shunt operation of track circuits by transient analysis.

Keywords: Q-D algorithm; track circuit; transient analysis; shunt operation

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