H.H. Xiong, J.X. Hu

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Pages: 27-38

In order to improve the current method of controlling the safe driving distance between adjacent lanes in urban roads, the factors such as driver reaction time, urban road traffic condition and weather are not fully taken into account. Finally, the calculation results of safe driving distance of vehicles are quite different from the actual situation. It is proposed that the adjacent lanes in urban roads are the same based on the influence of multiple factors. Based on the analysis of factors affecting safe driving distance of vehicles in adjacent lanes of urban roads, this method establishes a control mechanism for safe driving distance of vehicles. By comparing the safe driving distance with the limit safe distance of vehicles, vehicle driving warnings are carried out to realize safe driving distance of vehicles in adjacent lanes of urban roads. The effectiveness and rationality of the proposed method are fully proved by the simulation analysis and comparative test of three typical working conditions on the simulation test platform. The calculated results are in good agreement with the actual situation and meet the driver's actual driving habits and the requirements of vehicle safe driving distance control.
Keywords: urban roads; adjacent vehicles; co-directional vehicles; safe driving; spacing; control

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