N. Chen, B.N. Lou

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Pages: 167-182

Self-driving tour is free, self-decided, and individualized, it has been favored by more and more tourists as the private car ownership grows continuously. A self-driving service system is a necessity for such tour; however, the existing systems haven’t connected traffic safety and accessibility with the self-driving tour services, and the research on such systems is incomplete and insufficient. For this reason, this paper designed a novel self-driving tour service system based on traffic safety and accessibility to fill the research gap. First, the paper analyzed the traffic safety and accessibility of the highways for self-driving tour; then it improved the traditional Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm and proposed a route planning method for self-driving tour based on traffic safety and accessibility; after that, the functions of the designed system were enumerated and the software flow charts of six main function modules were given; at last, the paper verified the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm and the superiority of the designed software. This paper has provided a reference for other similar studies in the field of smart transportation.
Keywords: traffic safety; traffic accessibility; self-driving tour; route planning; self-driving tour service system

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