L.G. Wang

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Pages: 211-219

In highway traffic, different traffic signs have different influences on the driver’s gaze behavior, affecting the safety of drivers and highway driving. To solve this matter, the research based on visual characteristic analysis aims to scientifically evaluate such influences, thereby indirectly reducing the occurrence of highway traffic accidents. Via designing tests to simulate the influence of highway traffic signs on curve highway sections on driver’s visual system, our study adopted the eye tracking system as the visual characteristic acquisition device in the test; then this paper used gaze duration, gaze frequency, and average glance speed as the evaluation indicators of gaze behavior to compare the influence of different traffic signs on the gaze behavior and analyze the variation laws. Moreover, to further evaluate the influence of traffic signs on the safe driving behavior of drivers, based on the test results, this paper also gave a qualitative evaluation on the driver’s visual load in highway road sections with different traffic signs. The test results in this paper provide scientific suggestions for the layout of highway traffic signs so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of highway traffic accidents, and this study is of important practical significance.
Keywords: traffic signs; highway; visual characteristics; gaze behavior; visual load; simulated driving

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