J. Yang, Z.Y. Zhou

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Pages: 195-202

The risk assessment of geological hazards provides a basis for the selection of highway route schemes and is the key to ensure the sustainable development of highway construction. The Raster space analysis algorithm is used to introduce the relevant theory, methods and technical analysis methods of the Raster space analysis algorithm is introduced in connection with the reality of highway with Raster space analysis algorithm. The thematic map of geological risk assessment along the highway is obtained by adoption of Raster space analysis algorithm. At the same time, comprehensive, using raster spatial analysis algorithm, using Visual Basic. net programming language, with for route raster spatial analysis is performed in combination with regional geological disaster risk raster data by means of Raster space analysis algorithm and Visual Basic. Net programming language with geological cost as the fitness function, achieving intelligent highway route selection, so as to provide effective decision support for selection of route scheme at the preliminary design stage.
Keywords: highway engineering; geo-hazard assessment; route selection; raster space analysis algorithm; raster space analysis algorithm

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