Q. Liu, S. Dissanayake

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Pages: 135-142

In order to overcome the problems of poor information analysis ability and large analysis error existing in the traditional social and economic benefit analysis method, this paper designs a new social and economic benefit analysis method of road transportation security investment. Firstly, the paper analyzes the input of road transportation safety assurance, including the process of defining safety assurance objectives, predicting road transportation safety accidents, estimating safety assurance input, establishing input-output function and so on. Then, the analysis index of social and economic benefits of road transport security input is selected, and the index is standardized. On this basis, the principal component analysis method is used to select the common factor variables, and then the score of the variables is calculated by combining with the load matrix of the factors. According to the comprehensive score, the social and economic benefits of the road transportation security are analyzed from four aspects. The results show that the F-Score value of this method can reach 0.98, and the highest Mean absolute error value is only 0.15, which fully proves the effectiveness of this method.
Keywords: road transportation; security investment; social and economic benefit analysis; security goal

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