S.J. Faraji, M. Jafari Nozar, F. Tavallaei, Q. Zhang

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Pages: 157-174

The parking status has various managing solutions in urban areas. In recent decades, smartening has grown up. In the other hand, Camera-Based parking has significant capacity for urban transport management and revenue generation. So, the purpose of this study is to investigate the role and feature of camera-based smart parking in urban spaces. It extracts the necessary infrastructure and strategies to set up and optimize the use. Fifteen academic and executive experts have been interviewed to identify the primary infrastructure. Six core codes were identified through theme-analysis. The selected key strategies were prioritized using the QSPM Quantitative Planning Matrix. SWOT analysis shows the superior of strength and opportunities than the threats and weaknesses. In conclusion, aggressive strategies (SO) has been obtained by two possible areas (ST and WO) and can be used by urban managers.
Keywords: smart city; smart transportation; smart parking; camera-based parking; Tehran Metropolis

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