M. Juzaafi, V. Wickramasinghe, H. Iny, S. Dissanayake

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Pages: 147-154

The choice to cross immediately upon arrival is risky unless pedestrians can complete crossing before the signal turns red. Pedestrian countdown timers are more frequently used to provide more information to pedestrians on the remaining green time for safe crossings, to reduce the number of red-light running, consequently increasing their safety. This study aims to analyze the pedestrian’s behavior at mid phase of green countdown display in terms of their choices and success with respect to remaining green time at arrival. From the video recorded survey conducted at the selected intersection gender, estimated age group, remaining green time at pedestrian arrival, pedestrian’s choice on cross or wait, time spend at green phase, time spend at red phase , pedestrian grouping and pedestrian involvement in other activities were observed and recorded. Binomial logistic regression models were used to predict the pedestrian behavior. It was found that age group and remaining green time at pedestrian arrival affect pedestrians’ choices significantly irrespective their gender. Further it was found that remaining green time at pedestrian arrival, pedestrians’ grouping and pedestrians’ involvement in other activities are the significant factors affecting the success of pedestrians to cross the road irrespective to their age and gender. Moreover, the model predicts, pedestrian who involved in using mobile phones or any other prohibited activities during their movements through green phase are more than 5 times fails to cross the road within the time than a usual pedestrian. Therefore, taking decisions to cross or wait based on the remaining green time at arrival is much significant to reduce red-light running behavior of pedestrians. Involvement in prohibited activities at pedestrian crossings and walking as groups at crossings lead significant failure for pedestrians to cross the road within the available time at signalized intersections.
Keywords: remaining green time; pedestrians’ choice; binary logistic regression; red light running

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