A. Al-Kaisy, S. Roefaro

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Pages: 57-68

This paper presents an investigation into the current U.S. practice regarding the use of channelized right-turn lanes at signalized intersections, the type of traffic control used, and the safety experience of highway agencies. The study involved a literature review and a practice survey, which was distributed to all state and selected local agencies in the United States. The literature review revealed the overall lack of knowledge about the operational and safety aspects of channelized right-turn lanes explaining, to a large extent, the lack of guidance in practice. Survey results suggest a heavy reliance on engineering judgment by highway agencies in the use of channelized right-turn lanes and the selection of traffic control. Further, results confirmed a general perception in practice about the safety benefits of signal control at channelized rightturn lanes, despite the fact that such benefits were not supported by studies or statistics. The study emphasized the need for further research on the operational and safety aspects of this right-turn treatment at intersections.

Keywords: right-turn; signalized intersections; channelization; survey

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