Y. Cao, Z. Zuo, H. Xu

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Pages: 89-96

Driving behaviors under different conditions of traffic and control were studied to reveal the influence of countdown signal lights on traffic flow. Driving velocity and adverse driving behaviors were investigated in two countdown signal intersections and two non-countdown signal intersections in Dalian. Using the method of mathematical statistics, the characteristics of vehicle operating velocities during peak and off-peak hours in the two types of intersections were compared and analyzed. The type and quantity of incidents of adverse driving behaviors under the conditions mentioned above were also compared and analyzed. The research indicates that countdown signal lights can induce some drivers to accelerate to pass through the intersection before the green light ends. Countdown signals have a significant influence on the number of incidents of adverse driving behaviors at off-peak hours.

Keywords: traffic safety; countdown signal; driving behaviour; running the yellow light; illegal lane changing

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