Y.F. Shi, L.C. Yang, S.X. Hao

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Pages: 5-16

This paper researches car-following behavior under Cooperative Vehicles Infrastructure Systems (CVIS). In the paper, a clustered car-following strategy is presented based on Inter-Vehicle Communications (IVCs). This contributes to solve a condition through analyzing how to keep the car-following system stable. The stable condition is based on the control theory and a modified Optimal Velocity (OV) car-following model, which can improve car-following stability effectively. In order to validate the feasibility, a great deal of car-following trajectory data in real road is collected. The simulations demonstrate the strategy is effective to recover the stability well. Moreover, the effect becomes more obvious as the market penetration rates of IVC-equipped vehicles increase. Even in a low market penetration rate, the proposed strategy still has a better influence on the stability and the recovering time.

Keywords: car-following; OV; CVIS; traffic congestion; IVCs

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