Y.C. Zhou, Z.M. Lv, M. Torres

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Pages: 61-72

In order to improve the road smoothness and ensure the safety of traffic personnel, aiming at the problems of high packet loss rate and long network delay in the process of vehicle accident message transmission in the current methods of vehicle accident early warning, a method of vehicle accident early warning analysis at urban intersection based on vehicle network technology is proposed. Firstly, vehicle position and posture are estimated, traffic flow parameters are detected separately. Vehicle traffic volume, density, space average speed and road delay time are calculated, and the communication message broadcasting scheme of urban road is formulated. The congestion situation of vehicles is analyzed, and the location information of vehicle nodes is calculated by using the backoff time, to count the number of vehicle nodes, and further calculate the backoff time, so that we can get the early warning information, and finally complete the early warning analysis of vehicle accidents at urban intersections. The experimental results show that the proposed method has low packet loss rate and short network delay in the process of vehicle accident message transmission when analyzing vehicle accident early warning. The accuracy of the proposed method for vehicle accident early warning at urban intersections is discussed. The experimental results and discussion results verify the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed method.
Keywords: vehicle networking technology; urban intersection; vehicle accident; early warning analysis

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